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Steel structure building is a structure composed of steel materials and is one of the main building structure types. The material of the steel structure skeleton mainly includes steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of section steel and steel plates, and adopts rust removal and rust prevention processes such as painting and galvanizing. The steel structure enclosure materials are mainly composed of color steel galvanized sheet, color steel composite sheet, and sunshine board. Structural steel is a material used for steel construction, which is formed with a specific shape following certain standards of chemical composition and strength. It is designed to have a good strength / weight ratio (which is also called specific strength) and to be cost-effective in order to be benefited as a structural component in buildings, roads, bridges, etc. Common types of steel building materials are plates, beams, channels, angles, flats, round bar, enclosure materials, ect. What is Steel Building? A steel building is a metal structure fabricated with steel for the internal support and for exterior cladding... The steel building is a new type of structure house, which refers to the residential building with steel as the load-bearing beam and column of the building.   Why choose prefabricated structural steel building? Prefabricated multistorey building is fast installation,cost effective,earthquake-resistant...More How to optimize the design of a structural steel building? Optimum design of structural steel building is not only to reduce the amount of steel used, but to grasp the overall concept, which involves factors such as load taking, building structural form, force transmission path, material properties and so on.   How to fabricate the structural steel? 9step can fabricate the structural steel...More What is H section beam? H beam secton steel is a kind of structural steel section ,named for its shape "H"...More What is C section steel / Z section steel? C channel is made of galvanized steel strips by the method of cold-bending formed...More What is C section steel / Z section steel? Z section steel is a common cold-formed thin wall section steel, widely used in automobile...More

What is sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel means to cover a layer of metal plate with another metal plate to achieve the effect of saving resources and reducing costs without reducing the use effect (anti-corrosion performance, mechanical strength, etc.).

What is steel sheet?

Color steel sheet refers to color-coated steel sheet, which is a kind of steel plate with organic coating. Color steel plates are divided into single plates, color steel composite plates, floor decks, etc.

What is EPS cement sandwich panel?

EPS cement sandwich panel is made of polymer mortar, glass fiber mesh cloth, flame-retardant molded polystyrene foam board (EPS) and other materials. It integrates thermal insulation, waterproof, and decorative functions. Molded, low bulk density, economical cost.

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